Naturapolis : housing the future

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International ideas competition 2015 Edition

The jury

Session and awards

The jury will be held May 29, 2015.
The award ceremony will be held Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 4:30 pm at the Castle of Angers.

Members of the jury

The jury will be appointed based on the proposal of the organization committee and shall include well-known experts in landscape architecture and architecture, as well as in “greening” of buildings, and representatives of professional organizations in the field of architecture and landscape architecture.
The Jury’s decisions will be final in regard to the selection of the proposed projects. A commission shall be appointed to take charge of preparing the examination of the proposals by the jury and to check the compliance of the work submitted.

The jury is composed of:
- Isabelle Auricoste, landscape, Jury Chair
- Alain Bertrand, town planner, SAMOA (Société d'Aménagement de la Métropole Ouest Atlantique)
- Jean-François Briand, architect, Ministry of Culture
- Olivier Damas, project manager, Association Plante & Cité
- Pierre Georgel, landscape architect,  Eco-végétal executive manager
- Isabel Hérault, architect, Hérault Arnod Architectes
- Fanny Maujean, Parks Department director, gardens and landscapes of the city of Angers
- Bruno Marmiroli, architect, CAUE (Conseil d'Architecture, d'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement) du Loir-et-Cher) executive manager
- Aude Leday-Jacquet, Ministry of Ecology / Landscape Office

Organization of assessments by the jury

The jury, with the help of the technical commission, shall exclude from the selection:

  • Any incomplete work.
  • Any work not submitted within the deadline.
  • Work not complying with the required format.
  • Any work that is not anonymous.

The jury’s assessment shall be based on anonymous submissions and shall remain confidential.

Judging criteria

The judging of the work of the candidate teams shall be based on the proposed orientation themes and shall take into account the following points:

  • Innovative nature of the project.
  • Multi-disciplinary nature of the project including the social, economic, ecological and technical aspects as expressed in the instructions
  • Architectural and landscape qualities, pertinence and originality with regard to the current and future urban issues at stake.
  • Technical argumentation on the choice of materials, plants and processes to be employed on the soil and in the buildings.